The most common idea of why the domestic violence is actually happening lies in a degree of social acceptance. In cultures where the violence as such is considered normal, it happens much more often, at the same time penetrating the domestic aspects as well, resulting in domestic violence. In the East, and especially the Arabic countries the rates of abuse are especially high. A lot of incidents are simply being kept secret, without leaving any clues for the police or any other authorities where the actual statistics or the measurements could have taken place. The exact situation is also commonly observed in tribal being and the underdeveloped countries such as Africa, Papua New Guinea, etc.

Luckily in the United States the levels of domestic violence are low, yet some terrific incidents continue to happen from time to time. Now, although this territorial or rather cultural idea does appear to be quite accurate in terms of statistics, it does not however provide an adequate answer as to why this violence has happened in the first place, even before it has got accepted or moralized about. Therefore now we shall consider the other reasons, which perhaps could give us some more ideas. The domestic violence could also be often manifested on the background of other problems, such as financial problems and unemployment. In poor families the violence occurs much more frequently than in the higher classes and societies. The condition of being broke and the inability to cope with the uprising problems and multiplying bills could be very challenging, leading to frustration and building up of anger.

The latter often finds expression in domestic situations that could otherwise seem innocuous, and yet even a slight incomprehension could trigger the release of these negative emotions, resulting in actual violence. Among other problems are the drug or alcohol abuse, and or the psychological problems. The drug-dependent persons could more often show the signs of irritability, anger and frustration and this makes them more dangerous for their surroundings. The psychological disorders are also much more common than you probably think, now especially in the US. The root of all psychological problems lies in the hindrance and or stagnation of the personal development of an individual. Because all people are different, they could never be programmed to be the same, which is being exactly the purpose of the today’s education.

Although this education helps us to survive, to get employed and perhaps to make us useful and literate workers, it also pays up its price, as many educated people and even former best students often find themselves leading the purposeless lives. Perhaps in the future the education could also embrace the emotional aspects of every individual, and actually teach on how to cope with your own emotions instead of moralizing about the non-acceptance of violence. That would be a huge milestone, which could lessen the violence not only in its domestic aspect. For the legal advisory on domestic violence please visit